Why Work with a CRMP?

C2 Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist

NMLS #242792 | DRE #0118730

C2 Financial Albany, CA Branch NMLS#: 1899037 | DRE #01821025


Reverse mortgages are a versatile financial tool that have been used by over one million homeowners to enhance their financial security in retirement.  When selecting a loan officer, you should consider working with a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, or CRMP.  A CRMP can provide you with the quality information and appropriate options needed to meet your particular goals and needs.  

CRMP’s attain the highest professional certification in the reverse mortgage industry and have the experience and training to advise older homeowners - and their trusted advisors - on the most prudent plan to utilize home equity for a sustainable retirement.  A CRMP candidate must pass a rigorous knowledge and ethics examination and must complete 8 hours of continuing education annually to maintain their certification.  They must have at least three years of experience originating reverse mortgages or must have personally closed 50 or more reverse mortgages.  A CRMP also commits to – and must practice – the values in the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association Code of Ethics, which includes Fairness, Confidentiality, Integrity, Competence, Diligence and Professionalism.  To assure integrity, a CRMP Candidate must pass an initial comprehensive background check, which is also repeated every three years.  

But, most importantly, a CRMP can answer your questions knowledgeably – in understandable terms – and will use their extensive knowledge of reverse mortgage options to help you identify the best aging in place solution for you.  To find out more, call us today.  


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